Artist Statement


Over the past years i have been using my art increasingly to explore and incorporate Feminism, Gender equality as well as recycling.

Whether i use my self-created niche- Retex-Sculpting ,drawing, or embroidery,-the subject of inspirational human beings [mostly female] has become my paramount focus

Their influence on myself as a modern woman, Feminist and Artist, on Feminism as a whole and on their position as Role models to young girls growing up in a society that has, no doubt, come a long way in liberating its women but has yet a great length ahead of it. Not to mention the work that needs to be done in other parts of our planet, where women are to date still oppressed, belittled and generally treated as second class humans.

For the medium of Retex Sculpting, old garments serve as fabric for the works and cushion filler  helps me to create a relief that raises the silhouette off the canvas creating greater depth.

The box-frame, in which the work is mounted, is integral to the piece and can be seen as a modern day relic box.