We all like a drink, so here is the hat.

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#STOPJECTIFY  is nearly upon us and as much as i tried, i have not managed to secure a booze sponsor ( yes, i am only human after all ;)

We have CAN CAN coming over from Berlin to support us with their super cool art drink concept and that is more that awesome, but after month and month of preparation, i want a glass of bubbles to cheers with all of you too.

So, here we go: To not completely bankrupt me, i am asking you to throw a pound or two in my direction, as literally any and everything will help.

My lovely neighbour Barbera has give me a nice bit of cash towards those drinks for looking after her cat ;P My parents have also very kindly sent me money in advance for my birthday which is happening just 2 days after the Private View, but i would be soooooo grateful for your involvement.


I have raised thousands of pounds so far previously and this is nowhere the same effort.

There will be a raffle on the opening night and you can win shirts, pins, patches and more, so with every £ you support the booze bar, you will be entered into the raffle. I say that’s a win, right ;)

So for all our sake, i hope you can spare a pound and help me get some bubbly on the table on Tuesday night :)

All you need to do is follow this link:   paypal.me/jessdewahls


Much love and Gratitude for our help





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